Autostrade per l'Italia

Next to People

Next to People
Long-term partnership for the development of human resources
Starting from 2019, a recruitment plan for the Group has been launched, with more than 2900 new hires, including engineers, technicians, workers and collectors.

Welfare, Diversity & Inclusion

Autostrade aims to promote an inclusive culture, based on valuing diversity, sustainability of individual choices and organisational well-being.

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The network we are building

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Partnerships with universities for participating in Career Days and activation of curricular internships

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Skills development

Collaborations with the major Italian Universities to encourage the staff training, with courses for approximately 4,000 employees and a total of a 100,000 hours per year:

Learn more about the Autostrade del Sapere programme.
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Ricerca e progettazione

Research and Design

  • Involvement of university students in the company's strategic activities.
  • Organisation of events to present the company, also through contests, games, competitions of ideas, with a view to employer branding.