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Gronda di Genova

A strategic work for our Country, an international engineering challenge


Ampliamento viadotto Vesima Est

Vesima East viaduct widening

Gallerie Borgonuovo est ed ovest

Borgonuovo east and west tunnels

Nuovi viadotti Cerusa est ed ovest

New Cerusa East and West Viaducts

Galleria Ciocia

Ciocia Tunnel

Nuovi viadotti Leiro est e ovest

New Leiro East and West Viaducts

Gallerie Amendola est ed ovest

Amendola east and west tunnels

Nuovi viadotti Varenna est ed ovest

New Varenna east and west viaducts

Gallerie Monterosso est ed ovest

Monterosso East and West Tunnels

Nuovo viadotto Genova

New viaduct Genoa

Gallerie Polcevera, San Rocco, Forte Diamante

Polcevera Tunnel, San Rocco, Forte Diamante

Galleria Morego

Morego Tunnel

Gallerie Torbella ovest, Forte Diamante, Bric du Vento, Torbella est

Torbella west tunnel, Forte Diamante, Bric du Vento, Torbella east

Galleria Montesperone

Montesperone Tunnel

Galleria Campursone

Campursone Tunnel

Gallerie Granarolo, Moro 1 e Moro 2

Granarolo Tunnel, Moro 1 and Moro 2


4 December 2022

Construction sites ready to start: protocol signed between Autostrade per l'Italia, MIT and local institutions

22 July 2019

Gronda: ASPI awaits the approval of the Construction Design from the MIT

30 October 2018

Autostrade per l'Italia: Gronda project on the territory is already a reality

16 April 2018

Measurement campaigns under the environmental monitoring plan for surface and groundwater started


The work will take about 10 years to complete.

The route of the Gronda di Genova is the result of a long process of planning and discussion with the local authorities and citizens of Genoa. In 2009 Italy adopted the Public Debate model for the first time; on that occasion, the best design solution was identified from among the five different alternatives presented.

The Gronda di Genova is a new motorway section with two lanes in each direction, which doubles the existing A10 motorway in the section crossing the municipality of Genoa (from Val Polcevera to the built-up area of Vesima). The new infrastructure includes 65 km of new motorway routes and connects to the junctions delimiting the city area (Genova Est, Genova Ovest, Bolzaneto), connects to the A26 at Voltri and rejoins the A10 at Vesima. Given the orographically complex nature of the area crossed, the new road system is almost entirely underground and includes 23 tunnels, for a total of 50 kilometres, about 81% of the entire route.

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