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Domination Campaigns in Service Areas  

Domination is a communication event with high visual impact which allows a brand to completely characterise a location, contributing to increasing brand awareness


It is an advertising format designed to intercept the audience's journey through a commercial or shopping area, characterised by the dominance of an ambient communication campaign. It begins when the visitor enters the Service Area and continues throughout their entire journey.


Domination campaigns can be carried out in a select number of high-performance Service Areas – located on stretches with the greatest daily flows of vehicles on the motorway network – where the offer is designed to meet the needs of the main streams of customers.    


The brand is featured on exhibition banner surfaces in traditional and maxi formats, and on unconventional vehicles designed for the campaign. It makes the most of available spaces and objects outside and inside the restaurant area, integrated by digital supports which complete the customer's visual stimulation.    

The brand becomes the protagonist of the setting in which the customer experiences absolute involvement.


Domination 1
Domination 2
Domination 3
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