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Customer safety is paramount for Autostrade per l'Italia. Autostrade per l'Italia has developed a broad and targeted intervention plan to ensure that those travelling through the network do so safely:


The 1,900 gaps in the central reservation between the lanes were closed and replaced with mobile structures so that they can be opened in the event of emergencies.

Point with a higher than average accident rate (PHAA)

Autostrade per l'Italia performs an accident rate analysis for each 1-km highway strip and listing the number of accidents recorded in the current year and comparing it with the number of accidents recorded previous years. A PHAA is a km strip in which a higher than average number of accidents are recorded.

Anti-climb fencing

Central anti-climb fencing has been installed on all viaducts with separate lanes (around 300 km), which has eliminated accidental deaths.

Signage to prevent wrong way driving

266 highway network junctions have road markings consisting of directional arrows at points where motorists could incorrectly assess travel direction. At highway entrances (toll booths, service areas and car parks) there are also 1,000 deterrent signs with photometric and dimensional warnings to prevent motorists entering the highway in the wrong direction.

Hard shoulder signage

Special signs have been placed within the network to deter motorists from using hard shoulders as lay-bys. As regards prolonged parking on a hard shoulder in the event of an emergency, road markings indicate the most appropriate areas for parking the vehicle.

Supplementary roadwork signage

To improve traffic safety around highway road works and to reduce operator risks, Autostrade per l'Italia has added a series of supplementary measures in respect of the standards envisaged by current legislation.

Crash cushions

Autostrade per l'Italia is equipped with crash cushions (which are supplementary in respect of current regulations), to be used as additional protection for slow-moving works on the transit lanes. Thirty crash cushions are currently in use across the entire network

Emergency telephone

Motorists travelling on the highway are never alone: emergency telephones located along the hard shoulder, at approximately 2-km intervals, mean that the Italian Traffic Police and emergency service personnel are never far away.
Motorists can use emergency telephones to call for breakdown and/or medical assistance by pressing the appropriate button.
The assistance request, linked to kilometric location from the call was made, is received by the competent regional radio room competent (Radio Information Centre).
GSM technology allows the Radio Information Centre operator to contact the motorist on speaker phone to obtain information on the type of assistance vehicles to send and, in the event of vehicle breakdown, on any preference the motorist may have as to the breakdown assistance company to be contacted. While waiting for assistance to arrive, motorists are asked to stay close to the emergency telephone. Here they will always be visible, even in the event of fog and at night, as the emergency telephone emits a flashing light that is activated when a call is made for emergency medical assistance.

Breakdown assistance

If experiencing vehicle problems, motorists travelling on the highway network managed by Autostrade per l'Italia should contact the following breakdown assistance numbers:



Breakdown number

ACI Global Servizi S.p.A. (Autostrade per l'Italia entire network)      803-116
Europ Assistance Vai  (Autostrade per l'Italia entire network)    803-803
ESA for the following stretches of highway:
A1Fabro-Napoli    800-584.811
A1Diramazione Roma nord e sud    800-584.811
A12Roma-Civitavecchia    800-584.811
A16Napoli-Lacedonia    800-584.811
A30Caserta-Salerno    800-584.811
AXA for the following stretches of highway
A1Ceprano-Napoli    800-111.911
A16Napoli-Lacedonia    800-111.911
A30Caserta-Salerno    800-111.911
IMA (Autostrade per l'Italia entire network)    800-613.613

Download maximum prices for breakdown assistance

Vehicles used for breakdown assistance that belong to the Organisations that offer this service have been equipped with a system to localise them. This was requested by Autostrade per l'Italia and the Organisations that provide breakdown assistance to guarantee the efficient management of assistance operations along the managed highway network and to assure safety and support to clients travelling with adequate service levels based on current legislation.

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