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Tunnels Plan

Tunnel plan

Since 2020, ASPI has launched a major multi-year Assessment Plan to analyse the condition of existing tunnels, in order to increase and improve the assets' information assets by achieving the highest level of understanding to correctly manage and evaluate the interventions needed.

The experience gained to date, the requirements related to the impact of the works on traffic, and the recent issuing of the 2022 Guidelines for the management of existing tunnels have introduced an approach which helped developing a methodology for the operational scheduling of worksites that essentially pursues two objectives:

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integration of the works pertaining to the different network assets, to optimise construction sites, reduce rework, and limit impacts on operations
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implementation of a strategy to modulate interventions over time by providing for a rational use of motorway sections with a view to limiting disruption.

This methodology allows process optimisations, which can be summarised as follows:

  • to create a structured classification of the tunnels, through the calculation of "CoA" Classes of Attention, and to modulate interventions over time;
  • to carry out interventions based on the TRS Tunnel Renewal Strategy, i.e. long-term adaptations, with a nominal life of 50 years, for structural renewal to be carried out where construction and traffic impact permit;
  • to carry out "IRS Structural Reinforcement" interventions based on typologies with a nominal life between 10 and 30 years, and implementation systems that minimise the impact;
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  • to re-evaluate the Nominal Life for local interventions that have already been performed, carrying out a thorough and thorough inspection and verifying the lowering of at least one structural Class of Attention as a result of the interventions;
  • to perform "IMS Extraordinary Maintenance" and monitoring works for the 45 tunnels underlying the Gronda di Genova scope.

To date, there has been a 35% progress in thorough assessment inspections with 203 tubes inspected out of a total of 595, and a 25% progress in works with 167 completed tubes out of a total of 595.

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