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Ethics Office
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Management of Whistleblowing Reports submitted to the Ethics Office

You can use this page to report any frauds, crimes, unlawful activities and irregularities

The Ethics Office del Gruppo ASPI (hereinafter also referred to as the "Ethics Office") is a collegial body responsible for receiving and examining reports by company staff and/or third parties and concerning suspicious behaviours, breaches of internal rules (rules of conduct provided for in the Code of Ethics, the Anti-Bribery Guideline, 231 Model and, more generally, in the company’s set of rules) and external rules, unlawful conducts and irregularities concerning the conduct of the ASPI Group's activities.


The subjects of the Reports to the Ethics Office are the breaches or potential breaches within ASPI Group, or in the context of relations with third parties who have or have had any connection with the Group. In particular, reports shall concern:

  • failures to protect workers;
  • unlawful conducts or irregularities;
  • actions likely to cause financial or image damage to the ASPI Group;
  • failure to comply with the Code of Ethics;
  • failure to comply with the Anti-Bribery Guideline;
  • failure to comply with the 231 Model (so-called “231 Reports”);
  • failure to comply with the company procedures and provisions;
  • failure to comply with the internal rules.

In order to ensure broad and indiscriminate access to all those who wish to report, a number of alternative channels are available, namely

IT platform, accessible by all Whistleblowers (Employees, Third Parties, etc.). The system allows Whistleblowers to submit reports through an online wizard without logging in or providing their personal details.


The platform protects the whistleblower’s identity and allows the Ethics Office to request any clarifications or additional information from the whistleblower, even anonymously. This is done to better understand and analyse the case during the preliminary and verification phases. The portal also provides for the possibility of providing Whistleblowers with feedback on the status of the internal investigation.

E-mail address:
This address should not be used to send complaints and requests for assistance on business matters. For such communications please click here.

Ordinary mail, to the following address:
Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A.
Ethics Office del Gruppo ASPI
Via Alberto Bergamini, 50
00159 Roma

Voicemail: 06/43634213.
The voicemail will guarantee, by means of distorted tones and voice disguise, the anonymity of the whistleblower.

If, through the above-mentioned channels, the Whistleblower requests a meeting, the Ethics Office will be open to meet them to collect the report, recording what has been reported.


In order to facilitate investigations, all useful and appropriate information shall be included in the reports to allow an appropriate verification of the reported facts. It is particularly important that the report be sent in a timely manner and include, where such elements are known to the Whistleblower:

  • a detailed description of the facts, including circumstances (manner, time and place) and the manner in which they became known;
  • distinctive element(s) on the Reported person, in so far as known, or elements that may allow their identification;
  • names of any other persons who may report on the facts;
  • if available, any documents that may confirm the validity of the report.

You can use this page to report any frauds, crimes, unlawful activities and irregularities.

For further details, and in any case before submitting the report, we suggest referring to the “Management of Whistleblowing reports” at the bottom of the page, which governs and describes the process for receiving and managing reports and the operating procedures for verifying and ascertaining the reported facts.

Autostrade per l'Italia guarantees confidentiality on the existence and content of the report and on the identity of the Whistleblowers (if they have chosen anonymity). In addition, whistleblowers are guaranteed protection in compliance with the law and a follow-up process is guaranteed for all whistleblowings; if the whistleblower is an employee, the Ethics Office will monitor the whistleblower's working life in the company for two years, also to ensure protection against retaliation, discrimination or penalization for reasons directly or indirectly connected with the report.


Other channels

In addition to the above, the following channels can be used for reports concerning potential breaches of the regulations pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and/or reports concerning alleged breaches of anti-bribery regulations.

Reports concerning breaches as per Law 231

Indirizzo mail dell'Organismo di Vigilanza

Ordinary mail the address of the Supervisory Board (hereinafter also “SB”) of the Company:

comunicazione cartacea

Written communication to the attention of:

Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A.
Via Alberto Bergamini, 50
00159 Roma

Reports on alleged failures to comply with anti-bribery regulation

indirizzo mail del Responsabile Anticorruzione

E-mail to the Anti-Bribery Officer (hereinafter also “RAC”) of the Company:

comunicazione cartacea Responsabile Anticorruzione

Written communication to the attention of:

Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A.
Via Alberto Bergamini, 50
00159 Roma

Management of Whistleblowing reports

The following represents the reports received by the Ethics Office since its establishment, sorted by subject and outcome:

 EmployeesRelations with SuppliersRelations with customersInfrastructure status2021
Well grounded17%6%2%2%27%