Ethics officer

Although anonymous reports are accepted, named reports are preferable as they ensure the speed and the effectiveness of investigations, and in order to enable a proper dialogue with the Whistleblower.

Whistleblowing Management

In line with the Group's organisational and governance changes, Autostrade per l'Italia introduced a new whistleblowing management process, innovating the previous one with the following new elements:

  • decentralisation of the management of reports in each parent company through the setting up of multidisciplinary whistleblowing teams;
  • the assignment to the Internal Audit function of the role of process owner to the benefit of prompt analysis and integration of all aspects relating to the Internal Control and Risk Management System (SCIGR), also in line with the mission and the characteristics of the role of the function itself;
  • the integration of information flows with the other players in the SCIGR (Risk Control and Corporate Governance Committee, Supervisory Bodies, Boards of Statutory Auditors) within the scope of their competence.

In order to ensure broad and indiscriminate access to all those who wish to make a report, a number of alternative channelsare available, namely:

  • computer platform, accessible by all Whistleblowers (employees, third parties, etc.).
    The system allows you to make reports through a guided online path without having to register or declare your personal details; INSERT YOUR REPORT HERE
  • e-mail, to the address:
    This address should not be used to send complaints and requests for assistance on commercial issues. For this type of communication please click here.
  • regular mail, to the address:
    Ethics Officer - ASPI Group Whistleblowing Team,
    via Bergamini, 50 – 00159 Rome.

Autostrade per l'Italia guarantees confidentiality on the existence and content of the report and on the identity of the Whistleblowers (where notified) and the reported party. Whistleblowers are guaranteed protection in compliance with the law and a follow-up is guaranteed for all reports. In particular, for example, if the whistleblower is an employee, the Ethics Officer shall monitor his/her working life in the company for the following two years after the report in order to avoid any form of retaliation against him/her.