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The Vision of the Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation aims at
making Autostrade per l'Italia...

Data driven

Simple and fast access to data, on which advanced analytics models are applied

Safe & secure

Regular monitoring of the infrastructure and strengthening of cybersecurity

Fast in execution

Automation of business processes and evolution of the approach, from reactive to proactive

Connected & trasparent

Inclusivity and sharing with the inner and outside worlds and enhancement of the corporate culture

Fostering innovation

Development of the innovation culture through investments in new technologies, research and "open innovation"

Digital Transformation is the fundamental lever to guide and promote a deep change in ASPI at multiple levels: new ways of working, new technological capabilities, new skills to develop, new ways of addressing all stakeholders (internal and external) and, finally, a significant cultural change.
200 milioni di investimenti

The tools of digital transformation

digital transformation
Sviluppo e gestione integrata degli asset
Asset development and integrated management

Optimization of the planning of interventions on the works and monitoring in the life cycle

Mobility management proattiva
Proactive Mobility management

Optimisation of roads, traffic, emergencies and disruptions management

digital transformation
Augmented field-force
Augmented field-force

Increased safety, collaboration and monitoring of track and site activities

Digital Traveler Journey
Digital Traveler Journey

Innovation of the traveller experience and development of new value-added services

digital transformation
Digital Employee Journey
Digital Employee Journey

Improvement of employee experience and simplification of administrative operations

Esazione seamless
Seamless toll collection

Optimisation of collection methods and different management of tariffs

Digital Finance
Digital Finance

Automation and simplification of Finance processes and data empowerment

Aree di servizio smart
Smart Service Areas

Strengthening of the integration with operators and Service Areas control and monitoring capacity

Corporate Control Tower
Corporate Control Tower

Evolving of the control capacities, monitoring of corporate processes

A new way of working

Un nuovo modo di lavorare

With the aim of improving the quality of HR works, increasing their productivity and minimising the routine tasks, a new way of working has been adopted.

Creation of more than 25 Agile rooms to develop End-to-End innovative projects
Cross-functional contribution on different Business Units and co-operation between the Company's business side, along with the IT Department, and the Developers
Testing of innovations in the shortest possible time through the issue of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Launched projects

Gestione viabilità e traffico
Predictive models of traffic flows for planning construction sites to minimise the impact on the road network (estimation of any inconvenience caused and calculation of tariff discounts)

Delivery: mid-2021
Real-time monitoring and alerting systems in relation to traffic disruptions (e.g. accidents) or road congestion on the network due to:
  • Proactive and dynamic management of lanes and speed limits
  • Preventive deployment of traffic/rescue teams

Delivery: mid-2021
Esperienza di viaggio
New services for users: Recommended times for departure; advance calculation of the toll; recommended restaurants, attractions and places of interest along the route

Delivery: mid-2021
Additional services in the service area (e.g. parking, "skip the line" table reservation) and on the network (e.g. advance toll payment)

Delivery: mid-2021
Digital communication channel between the customer and Autostrade for distress alerts requests, complaints, assistance and automatic processing of requests via Virtual Agent.

Delivery: mid-2021