Supplier's Register and Procurement Portal

Supplier's Register

Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A.'s Suppliers' Register has been set up in compliance with the Code of Public Procurement and the National Anti-Corruption Authority's guidelines in order to make the process of registering economic operators to be involved in tender procedures more accessible and transparent.

The Register is managed through Autostrade's e-procurement portal on the basis of the provisions contained in the 'Regulations for the creation and management of Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A.'s lists of economic operators for works, services and supplies'

The Register is the same throughout the country and is used by the following companies: Autostrade per l'Italia, Atlantia, Movyon, Ad Moving, Essediesse, Free-To-X, Giove Clear.

Enrolment in the Register is free of charge.

The Register is organised into product categories: ranges of amounts are defined for each product category, on the basis of which each company will be qualified in accordance with the requirements indicated and requested by the Regulation.

Procurement Portal and Tenders Online

The HighWay To Procurement (HWTP) Portal is Autostrade per l'Italia's e-procurement platform for the online management of tenders and contracts for supplies, services and works.

Registration on the Portal, which is simple, user-friendly and free of charge, is a prerequisite for participating in tender events or being awarded a contract.

Tendering via the HWTP portal provides several advantages:

  • transparent procedures;
  • simple tender preparation and safe transmission;>
  • more effective communication> with the Contracting Authority through the use of portal messaging;
  • compliance with confidentiality, reliability, competitiveness and integrity criteria as to data exchange;
  • dematerialised document management.>