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Diversity and inclusion

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Our commitment

The key rules to guarantee the dissemination of the culture of inclusion

Riconoscere la diversità
Riconoscere la diversità

01. Recognise diversity

Appreciate how the various dimensions of diversity intersect to enhance talents no matter what form they take.

Governare efficacemente

02. Govern effectively

Support management's commitment to DE&I through the use of inclusive policies, processes and practices.

Agire in modo responsabile

03. Act responsibly

Operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner, promoting productive employment and work in line with one's skills.

Lavorare in modo inclusivo

04. Work inclusively

Enable and develop an accessible and respectful workplace that fosters inclusion and a sense of belonging.

Comunicare in modo inclusivo

05. Communicate inclusively

Ensure modes of communication that ensure respect for and protection of the dignity and inviolability of the individual.

Sostenere e preservare DE&I

06. Support and preserve DE&I

Actively influence good internal practices and foster relationships with stakeholders that promote inclusive practices.

Ability Garden

Ability Garden

Proud to have implemented the Ability Garden project. The first model of social innovation and labour inclusion, dedicated to people with cognitive disabilities and neurodiversity. An innovative model that allows everyone to express their uniqueness and talents, breaking down barriers between abilities and disabilities.

Ability Garden
Ability Garden
Ability Garden
Ability Garden

Erg (Employee Resource Groups)

In our Group, the value of diversity is not merely a matter of respecting differences; we are committed daily to the training and dissemination of a “culture of diversity, equity and inclusion” at personal and organisational level.


Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are key instruments within our Diversity and Inclusion journey. Teams of colleagues who through their voluntary contribution bring value in the realisation of inclusive projects with specific ideas and expertise.

The main areas of focus of our ERGs are Gender Equality, LGBTQ+, Cross-Generationality and Disability.

2022 Gender Report

The 2022 Gender Report is the first to be published by Autostrade per l'Italia and is a key tool to analyse our commitment to gender equality. It was prepared in line with the Gender Equality Plan drawn up and approved in 2022. The report describes not only the current situation, but also the Company’s transformation and trends in gender equality over the last two years. It identifies the Group's key features and highlights the future steps. Gender equality is crucial to our Company, and we strive with determination and awareness to become a benchmark in the national landscape.


2022 Gender Report
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