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Calculating toll

Autostrade per l'Italia e le sue Controllate stanno realizzando un importante piano di investimenti per il potenziamento e l’ammodernamento della rete autostradale.

Calculating toll

How toll rate is calculated

Toll is the amount paid to use the highway.

Toll calculation criteria applied to the Italian highway network are established in specific sector regulations (State laws and, in more recent years, resolutions taken by the CIPE - Inter-ministerial Committee for Economic Planning), adopted in the Agreements in force between concessionaires and the awarding body, ANAS.

To calculate the amount due for payment, the customer must multiply the unit rate by the number of kilometres travelled. As well as the number of kilometres between toll plazas, the calculation has, since opening of traffic, always included the kilometres for junctions, link roads and stretches before and after the toll plaza that are built and managed by the concessionaire.

VAT (22%) must then be added to the above amount which is then rounded up or down to the closest 10 euro cents.

Further information on calculating toll


The unit rate applied depends on the following elements:

  • Type of vehicle (5 classes). On the Autostrade per l'Italia network and on almost all those managed by other concessionaires, vehicles are classified based on physically measurable elements such as:
    1. shape - i.e. height of vehicle on the front axle perpendicular - for 2-axle vehicles (classes A, B)
    2. number of axles for vehicles or convoys with more than two axles (classes 3, 4 and 5).

To see which class your vehicle is and to find out the related unit rate applied to calculate toll click here.

  • Characteristics of highway stretches travelled (plains or mountains). The unit rate takes into account highway stretch construction, management and maintenance costs (for this reason mountain stretches, with many viaducts and tunnels, have higher costs).
  • Concessionaire managing the stretch for routes covered by more than one company. In this case you need to calculate kilometres and unit rates of single concessionaires separately before rounding the figure up or down.


Rounding up or down is performed automatically with no discretionary powers for Autostrade per l'Italia. It is regulated by Ministerial Decree no. 10440/28/133 of 12 November 2001 of the Ministry for Infrastructures and Transport and the Ministry for Economics and Finance.

The rounding up or down system establishes that if the toll due is a final figure of under 5 euro cents, the toll paid by the user is rounded down to the 10 euro cents below; if the final figure is equal to or higher than 5 euro cents, the toll paid by the user is rounded up to the higher 10 euro cents. Hence, if toll due is €1.13 the figure to be paid is rounded down to €1.10; if toll is €1.16 it is rounded up to €1.20.

The only exception is the Tangenziale di Napoli where toll, due to the highway's particular features and the unique classification system adopted for toll applied, is rounded up or down to €5 euro cents.


Last of all, remember that there are cases in which toll due does not depend on kilometres travelled but the rate applied is fixed.
These highway stretches are called "OPEN SYSTEMS" (for example, A8 Milan - Laghi, A12 Rome - Civitavecchia and some single stations) where the customer does not take a ticket establishing where they enter the highway or  where they are going. It is not known which route the customer has actually taken. Consequently, the km toll calculation is based on an established distance , applyinga lump sum approved by the awarding body (ANAS).

These systems differ from the "CLOSED SYSTEMS" (the majority) where the customer takes a ticket on entering the highway and returns it on exiting, paying toll on the basis of the route covered.

Autostrade per l'Italia unit rate €/km (2018)(1)
Vehicle Classes   A B 3 4 5
Plain rate €/Km 0,07231 0,07401 0,09862 0,14864 0,17530
Mountain rate €/Km 0,08547 0,08749 0,11414 0,17426 0,20629

(1)Rates are inclusive of VAT (22%) and are in effect on January, 1, 2018