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Payment at the toll gate

Tolls / Payment at the toll gate

Payment at the toll gate

Autostrade per l'Italia e le sue Controllate stanno realizzando un importante piano di investimenti per il potenziamento e l’ammodernamento della rete autostradale.

Payment at the toll gate

Signs at highway toll gates

Autostrade per l'Italia has standardised signs indicating how payments are made at all the highway toll gates on its network, when both entering and exiting. Autostrade per l'Italia has defined the layout of the signs. In an attempt to make explanations clear and visible, it favours the identification of colours associated to payment methods and standardisation in terms of colours, logos and symbols; linked to prior experiments carried on the highway barrier principles.




A market survey carried out to test the level of approval and understanding of signs used showed that over 70% of highway customers chooses which gate to pay toll at based on signs indicating their means of payment. Hence, clear, instantly understandable signs enable a Customer driving up to the gate to identify the desired payment method immediately, without creating any confusion, slowing traffic down close to the actual gates and, above all, considerably reducing the risk factor caused by sudden manoeuvres and moving from one gate to another.

ENTRY gates

Gates dedicated to Telepass customers have signs above the projecting roof with a yellow background and the wording "reserved for TELEPASS customers". All the other gates that issue tickets are marked by signs placed below at the entrance to the gate.

EXIT gates

The signs aim to facilitate payment operations, enabling Customers to distinguish and identify, along the 2,855 km of the Autostrade per l'Italia network, the different payment options associated with each gate clearly and instantly. The layout provides for 5 types of boards (placed above the projecting roof) corresponding to the different payment options.


The yellow background unequivocally indicates dynamic collection with Telepass.
In addition to the logo TELEPASS, the board says "reserved for customers" to further indicate that these gates are solely for use by holders of the Telpass device.


CardsBlue uniquely indicates that payment can only be made using the following cards: Viacard, Credit Cards and Cash cards.
There are two generic card types alongside the Viacard logo to indicate the various cards accepted (the details of the Cards accepted, illustrated below, can be found on the board placed at the start of the island delimiting the gate).
Payment by Credit or Cash card is facilitated by the fact that there is no need to enter a Pin number and no commission is charged.


Telepass cardAs regards the previous board, the "T" for Telepass on a yellow background indicates that the Telepass customer can also use this gate, but warns the customer that the gate is not solely for Telelpass customers. The blue background shows that these are gates are used for Card payments: Viacard, Credit Cards and Cash cards.


Cash cardIn this case the board background is white, to indicate that these gates only accept cash payments.
The board displays the symbol for cash plus that of a hand to indicate that there is an operator present.


Self service cardIn this case, white also indicates cash payments. Gates displaying these boards only accept payment through the automatic self-service till (enabled to give change).
Along with the cash symbol, this board displays card logos on a blue background indicating that payment can also be made using Viacard, Credit and Cash Cards. Card logos placed on the lower part of the board indicate that this gate is not only for that type of payment.


The same colours, logos and symbols used on toll gate signs can also be found on direction and channelling boards found on portals appeoaching the gates. This is to present the massage in advance and help Customers to identify the right gate based on payment method chosen.

Means of payment

Autostrade per l'Italia toll can be paid in cash or using automatic systems.

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Payment by Viacard, Credit Cards,Cash cards, prepaid and Maestro cards

In gates with signs on a blue background indicating 3 cards (Viacard plus 2 generic cards) you can pay toll by:
Viacard (prepaid and from a current account).
Cash Cards belonging to the Fast Pay network without entering a PIN code and with no extra charges
Credit Cards (a list of the cards accepted can be found below) with no extra charges

Prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards


Foreign MAESTRO debit cards

As of 1 August 2009 tourists travelling on highways managed by Autostrade per l'Italia can pay toll using Maestro debit cards. It is now possible for tourists travelling on highway stretches managed by the following Subsidiaries to pay toll using Maestro debit cards: Raccordo Autostradale Valle D'Aosta, Società Autostrade Tirrenica, Torino Savona, Strada dei Parchi, Tangenziale di Napoli and Autostrade Meridionali.
As a result of its partnership with BankAmericard, Autostrade per l'Italia is the first highway concessionaire to open its toll gates to the over 655 million holders of Maestro cards all over the world. The new service will facilitate travel through Italy for many tourists from the United Kingdom France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


Rechargeable Telepass

Buy a Rechargeable Telepass for €49.90 by 15 September and receive €10 in toll free of charge.

The Rechargeable Telepass widens the range of Telepass services available to pay highway toll without having to stop, by driving through the dedicated gates.

The Rechargeable Telepass has no fee and needs no current account!
Payment is simple; the toll amount is deducted from the credit available automatically.

Easy-of-use and flexibility make this the ideal tool for those who, though not regular highway users, can still benefit from this product.

The Rechargeable Telepass can only be used on two-axle vehicles (toll classes A and B) and is currently operational in:


on the Tangenziale di Napoli, on the Naples - Pompei - Salerno (A3) and in the highway toll gates of Caserta Sud (A1) and Pomigliano d'Arco (A16)


on the Messina - Palermo (A20) and on the Messina - Catania (A18)


It can be purchased for €49.90 (VAT included), in:

  • all Service Areas of the stretches in question:
  • in the following Punto Blu in the Campania Region:
    • Astroni
    • Napoli Barra
    • Napoli Casoria
    • Napoli Centro Direzionale
    • Napoli Città
    • Napoli Fuorigrotta
    • Caserta Sud
    • Salerno Città

Activation and Top-up

Before using the Rechargeable Telepass, you need to subscribe to the service and top up for the first time.

That operation can be done in the following Punto Blu points:


  • Napoli Barra
  • Napoli Casoria
  • Napoli Centro Direzionale
  • Napoli Fuorigrotta
  • Caserta Sud
  • Salerno Città


  • Catania Nord
  • Patti
  • Messina (Sede del C.A.S.)
  • Buonfornello

For details of the above-listed Punto Blu points go to >>

Please do not forget that you can request an ID Code from the Punto Blu points. This will be sent to your home and is required to register with the Telepass Club and access all the services offered online (invoices for top ups, change of licence plate, list of journeys made, etc.)

You can request the ID Code by mail sending the request with your contract and device number and a copy of your identity document to:
Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A. Customer Care Casella Postale 2310 - Firenze Succ.le 39 50123 FIRENZE

The top-up operation, now available online on, can also be done in bars, tobacconists, gaming outlets, network sales points SISALPAY in the provinces of Naples, Caserta, Salerno, Messina, Palermo and Catania.

You can top up by €25, €50 and €75, including the top-up cost of €1 for each €24 of toll.

The main features of the Rechargeable Telepass are:

  • no fee;
  • no current account needed;
  • only top up when needed;
  • you always know how much you are spending and can see the toll amount and your credit on the display;
  • it is easy to apply to your windscreen and doesn't require any connections;
  • you can use it on up to a maximum of three vehicles.

The Rechargeable Telepass comes in a practical pack containing:

  • the Rechargeable Telepass device (complete with batteries);
  • user manual;
  • the service subscription form;
  • the stamped envelope to post the form in;
  • the TR Card with the code of your Rechargeable Telepass device;
  • the adhesive support to be used to install the device on the windscreen.


Before using the Rechargeable Telepass you need to subscribe to the service and top up for the first time.
To subscribe to the service just fill in and sign the subscription form and deliver it to Autostrade per l'Italia:

  1. at any Punto Blu point, subscribing to the service straight away;
  2. sending it by post. In this case, to activate the service straight away you can subscribe provisionally by phoning 800.269.269and following the instructions provided.

You need to top up the device for the first time to complete the service activation process. You can only top up the device for the first time after you have subscribed
to the service in one of the above-mentioned ways

Prepaid Viacard


This is a prepaid magnetic card, available for amounts of €25, €50 and €75, to be used to pay toll at all automatic gates and at Operator controlled gates on the Italian highway network.

The prepaid Viacard is available to all individuals and companies and can be used on all private and commercial vehicles.

The prepaid Viacard in € can be used on the entire Italian highway network, even if it has an expiry date.

Where can you buy it

The prepaid Viacard can be purchased:

  • at the Punto Blu points on the highway network
  • at Autostrade per l'Italia toll gates with an operator
  • at Autogrills
  • at ACI (Italian Automobile Club) offices
  • at some banks
  • at numerous tobacconists
  • at the main highway petrol stations

How to use it

The prepaid Viacard can be used at all Italian highway toll gates, at both the automatic Viacard gates, following voice instructions, and at those with an operator, handing over the card together with the entry ticket, where provided.

The toll is automatically debited from the value on the card every time until it has run out.

If the toll amount exceeds residual card credit, you need to use another prepaid Viacard or, at gates with an operator, to pay the difference in cash.

If the Viacard card does not work at the automatic gate you need to call the operator by pressing the button available and following instructions, without getting out of the car for any reason.

If your prepaid Viacard is stolen and/or lost, you can request a replacement, for the same remaining credit amount documented by Autostrade per l'Italia when they receive the notice of the theft or loss. However, it will only be replaced on receipt of a report or declaration in lieu of an affidavit and the copy of the invoice proving purchase. The request for a replacement card can be presented to Punto Blu points or be made by letter - complete with the above documents - sent to:

Autostrade per l'Italia - Customer Care
Casella Postale 2310 - Firenze succursale 39
50123 Firenze


If your Viacard is worn and/or de-magnetised you can have it checked and re-magnetised at a Punto Blu. If the Punto Blu re-magnetisation is unsuccessful, the card must be handed in at a Punto Blu which will forward it the Florence Offices. Once it has been re-magnetised, the card will be returned to the Customer by post.


If the card is purchased from a Punto Blu point, you can request an invoice straight away at time of purchase.

To request an invoice for cards purchased from other distribution points, you need:

  1. to fill in the envelope the Viacard is sold in with the data requested and the stamp of the reseller selling the card.
  2. deliver the envelope duly filled in to a Punto Blu or send it to:
    Autostrade per l'Italia - Ufficio Fatturazione
    Casella Postale 2310 - Firenze succursale 39
    50123 Firenze