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Conciliation procedure


Conciliation procedure

Autostrade per l'Italia e le sue Controllate stanno realizzando un importante piano di investimenti per il potenziamento e l’ammodernamento della rete autostradale.

Conciliation procedure

In March 2012, Autostrade per l'Italia extended the conciliation procedure to Raccordo Autostradale Valle d'Aosta, Tangenziale di Napoli and Telepass S.p.A.
By virtue of the agreement entered into with the Adoc, Adiconsum, Adusbef, Codacons, Federconsumatori, U.Di.Con and UNC Consumer Associations, if not satisfied with the response to a complaint, Autostrade per l'Italia, Telepass S.p.A., RAV and Tangenziale di Napoli customers represented by the Associations, can simply and quickly resolve certain types of disputes completely free of charge.


General Rules

A request for conciliation is free of charge. Customers can access the procedure if they have already made a complaint or a claim for damages to the competent highway company and have received an unsatisfactory response.  The Rules govern the conciliation procedure, which is based on the principles enshrined in the Recommendations of the European Commission no. 257/98 EC and no. 310/01/EC.

Requests for conciliation can only be made to settle certain types of disputes relating to services rendered by Autostrade per l'Italia and concerning the highway network managed directly by each highway company.
Requests relating to personal injury or damage are not subject to conciliation.


Requests for conciliation can only be submitted by filling out the appropriate form while indicating the grounds for the type of dispute and attaching a copy of the original complaint and the relevant response.

To access the conciliation procedure, applications must be made using the relevant form, which is available from:

  • the website
  • all Autostrade per l'Italia Punto Blu points
  • local Consumer Association offices.

The form can be sent to affiliated associations or to Autostrade per l'Italia directly, by:

  • registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to Autostrade per l'Italia - Ufficio di Conciliazione - Via Bergamini 50 00159 Rome
  • FAX to 06.43632180
  • e-mail to, enclosing all the documentation

Customers can grant mandate to one of the Associations that signed the Rules of Conciliation. If no Association is selected, the case will be assigned to one of the Associations on a rotational basis.
The request for conciliation is examined by a Conciliation Commission comprising a "Conciliator" of the company concerned by the dispute and/or of Telepass S.p.A., for disputes regarding the Telepass payment system, and a conciliator of one of the consumer associations.
In the event of agreement of the parties, conciliation concludes with definition of the relative payout. The customer is free to accept or reject the proposed solution.

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