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UKRAINE EMERGENCY – Toll exemption

A complete toll exemption has been activated from the 14/03/2022 in order to support the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine, as stated under Order no. 876 of 13 March 2022 issued by the Italian Civil Protection Department.


all Ukrainian citizens and travelers incoming from Ukraine

How to obtain the exemption:

A. When transiting in a manual toll collection track (toll booth with a human toll collector):

Show an ID proving your Ukrainian citizenship (only for Ukrainian citizens)
Notify the date of entry in the Italian territory
Hand-in the pre-completed self-certification document

B. When transiting in a Self-Service toll collection track (excluding Telepass tracks):

• Make a call to the remote operator using the dedicated button
State your origin to the remote operator and collect the transit statement
• E-mail attaching the following documents: the trasit statement, an ID proving your Ukrainian citizenship (only for Ukrainian citizens) and the self-certification document duly filled-in and signed


-To ensure the most time-effective management of your exemption request, drivers are advised to use the manual collection track and speak directly with the toll collector.
- The exemption does not apply for exiting Telepass tracks.

Download the self-certification document

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