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  • The only Italian concessionaire that has cancelled or reduced tolls, despite the absence of any regulatory constraint.
  • 250 million euros proposed in the EFP to introduce a transparent and digital "dynamic tariff" system, based on travel times related to construction sites. ✓Request for a hearing with the Antitrust Authority to share the new concession system. The penalty will be paid, but the company will file an appeal, deeming its actions fully legitimate.

Rome, Friday 26 March 2021. As regards the penalty imposed by the Antitrust on Autostrade per l'Italia for unfair commercial practice relating to the failure to reduce tolls in some sections subject to motorway maintenance, attention shall be drawn to the following points:

  • Autostrade per l'Italia is the only Italian concessionaire that has implemented toll cancellation or reduction initiatives, in order to mitigate the inconvenience of users in some specific sections under construction (then located along the A10, A7, A12, A26 and A16 and A14 sections). This reduction - fully voluntary, given the lack of legal or concession-based constraint - has so far led to lower revenues amounting to 77 million euros. As repeatedly demonstrated to the Authority - in the context of the institutional discussions in recent months during which ASPI provided the widest and most fruitful collaboration - the company promptly provided the most complete information to users on the benefits introduced and on alternative routes, by activating all the channels and tools available, as can be easily verified by a simple search on the Internet. As a matter of fact, the company is being sanctioned by the Antitrust for having first introduced tariff benefits.
  • The two specific construction site interventions referred to by the Antitrust Authority derive from exceptional situations. In the Ligurian case occurred last summer, as known, ASPI took action while fully complying with the technical and planning instructions dictated by the former Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. In the case of the A16 and A14 sections, please note that the carriageway restrictions were introduced in 2019 by judicial authority measures on the bridge edge barriers of a limited number of viaducts. ASPI promptly submitted the projects for the replacement of the barriers to the Judicial Authority and the Ministry, with construction sites that allowed regular transit on two lanes. These requests were accepted in May 2020 and the company immediately activated the construction sites for the replacement.
  • As regards the technical assessments of the Authority on network interventions, please note that all maintenance activities, as well as tariff concessions, are authorized in concert with MIMS and are aimed at modernizing the motorway network, progressively adjusting it to the new sector standards.
  • Autostrade per l'Italia is implementing its investment and maintenance plan with the utmost respect and attention to users. In this regard, the company has introduced in the new Economic and Financial Plan – still pending approval - 250 million euros to launch a digital system of "dynamic pricing" which automatically modulates tolls on the basis of actual travel times, correlating them to the presence of construction sites. On the management methods of this model, never implemented before in Italy and whose entry into operation is scheduled for next July, ASPI intends to discuss in advance with MIMS and the Antitrust through a formal hearing.