Advertising Campaigns

2015 Campaign

Institutional Communication Campaign 2013-2014

Atlantia. Nuovi orizzonti


Autostrade per l'Italia and Aeroporti di Roma together. To bring more investments to Italy and more Italy to the world

bill posting and web


campaign 2012

Institutional Communication Campaign 2013-2014

A Passion for Moving the Country


Spot produced under the direction and supervision of Dario Piana, accompanied by an original piece of music written by Vittorio Cosma and performed by Ennio Moricone's Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta.

press and internet

2009 - 2011 advertising campaigns

We have given you a longer life

2008 - 2009 advertising campaigns

We have given you more time for your emotions.

2006 - 2007 advertising campaigns

If you don't comply with the speed limits, it's not just you're licence you're risking

2005 - 2006 advertising campaigns

Driving without due care and attention can be extremely dangerous


2004 - 2005 advertising campaigns

Someone who has no respect for speed limits, has no respect for anything


2006 advertising campaigns

Telepass Premium


2004 advertising campaigns