Investor relations / Bondholders


Autostrade per l'Italia e le sue Controllate stanno realizzando un importante piano di investimenti per il potenziamento e l’ammodernamento della rete autostradale.


Autostrade per l'Italia has launched in October 2014 the €7bn Euro Medium Term Note ("EMTN") Programme, as part of which the following series of bonds listed on the Irish Stock Exchange have been issued:


Name of the bond ISIN Code  Currency Type Total par value Coupon Documents
Autostrade per l'Italia 2015-2021 XS1316567343 EUR Bond 650,000,000 1.125% Download
Autostrade per l'Italia 2015-2025 XS1316569638 EUR Bond 500,000,000 1.875% Download
Autostrade per l'Italia 2015-2026 XS1327504087 EUR Bond 750,000,000 1.750% Download
Autostrade per l'Italia 2016-2027 XS1528093799 EUR Bond 600.000.000 1,750% Download
Autostrade per l'Italia 2017-2029 XS1688199949 EUR Bond 700.000.000 1,875% Download


Effective 22 December 2016, further to the issuer substitution, Autostrade per l'Italia has substituted Atlantia as issuer under the notes issued by Atlantia between 2004 and 2014. Total par value is € 4.3 billion as at 31 December 2017.

Bond ISIN Code Currency Type Par value Coupon interest Documents
Atlantia 2004-2022 XS0193942124 GBP Bond 500.000.000 6,250% Download
Atlantia 2004-2024 XS0193945655 Eur Bond 5,875% Download
Atlantia 2009-2038 (*) XS0468468854 JPY Bond 2,730% Download
Atlantia 2010-2025 XS0542534192 Eur Bond 500.000.000 4,375% Download
Atlantia 2012-2019 (1) XS0744125302 Eur Bond 4,500% Download
Atlantia 2012-2032 XS0761524205 Eur ZCB 135.000.000 ZCB Download
Atlantia 2012-2032 (*) XS0789521480 Eur Bond 35.000.000 4,800% Download
Atlantia 2012-2020 (2) XS0828749761 Eur Bond 750.000.000 4,375% Download
Atlantia 2013-2033 (*) XS0928529899 Eur Bond 75.000.000 3,75% Download
Atlantia 2013-2021 XS0986174851 Eur Bond 750.000.000 2,875% Download
Atlantia 2014-2038 (*) XS1024746353 Eur Bond 75.000.000 3,625% Download
Atlantia 2014-2034 (*) XS1075052024 Eur Bond 125.000.000 3,240% Download

* Private placement

1 The original amount of the par value has been reduced to €673,637,000 after the partial repurchase of the notes by means of a tender offer.

2 The original amount of the par value has been reduced to €618,975,000 after the partial repurchase of the notes by means of a tender offer.

The offering circulars and listing prospectuses for the bond, the information documents on the issuer, the terms and conditions, and the notices concerning the financial instruments were published in accordance with the aplicable rules and regulations. Please note that none of the securities above described are proposed for sale or offered by any company of the Group.