Autostrade per l’Italia works alongside truck drivers to ensure maximum safety and increase the comfort of those working using the highway. This section provides:

  • News on traffic
  • Highway services
  • Useful information in the event of snow
  • Telepass services for truck drivers
  • Information channels to be consulted

Information on traffic

All useful information can be found on our website that ensures, in addition to traffic information, a direct dialogue with customers through the Customer Care section.   Complete, punctual, real time updates on the traffic situation can be found on the page dedicated to traffic.   A specific section is available to calculate routes and tolls.   Our web site also contains a page with the ordinances on scheduled work sites and a information and dates on when circulation is forbidden for vehicles with a total mass exceeding 7.5t. The website dedicated to the Exceptional transits contains information useful for operators and allows users to carry out the operations required to obtain authorisation for the transit of exceptional loads along the highway network.

A list of highway flyovers (along routes of other authorities) that were not planned or constructed to allow transit of determinate heavy vehicles is available. The details and maximum weight the single flyovers can carry are included in the document.
The occasional transit of vehicles that have a total gross weight with a full load greater than the thresholds indicated must be authorised ahead of journey date by the owners of the flyover, who must moreover acquire the technical approval from the competent Autostrade per l'Italia Departments.

In the aim of providing road haulage operators with correct and complete information, we specify that authorisation to transit must be requested from the authority that owns or manages the route (Art. 10 subsection 6 of the Highway Code) that passes over the highway. The latter will ask for the necessary technical assessments to ascertain the compatibility of the load requesting authorisation with the structural characteristics of the infrastructure.
If the outcome is favourable a specific approval will be issued. This approval may be used by the road owner to authorise all the exceptional transit with the same load characteristics. Autostrade per l'Italia cannot issue authorisation directly for transit on roads that are not their responsibility and in no way can the road owner delegate the right to issue authorisation to third parties


Services along the highway network

Autostrade per l'Italia offers 18 Service Stations with dedicated areas for truck drivers and parking with over 6,000 spaces reserved for Trucks and Coaches.     An investment plan has been drawn up to improve and expand the Service Areas along the network managed by Autostrade per l’Italia. In 69 Service Areas along the network you can use a free wi-fi and no time limit.     connection with no time limits. Connecting your device is fast and easy.     Another important initiative dedicated to truck drivers is the Prevention Corner:     an innovative free service, offered by Autostrade per l'Italia with the Italian Red Cross. It enables the drivers of heavy goods vehicles to check their state of health in the Service Area, thanks to on the spot assistance from qualified Italian Red Cross staff. The service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00, in the Service Area Brianza Nord (A4 towards Milan, Km 148.4).


Winter operations

If it snows along the Autostrade per l’Italia Network, Traffic Police Protocols are applied to ensure the safety of travellers and snowplough operations.

Autostrade per l'Italia invites all lorry drivers to make sure they are suitably equipped for the winter season.
Starting in November and until 15 April, on all the highway routes that are more exposed to the risk of snow or ice forming, cars are obliged to mount snow tyres or have chains on board; this is based on orders issued by the competent Highway Departments of Autostrade per l'Italia.

Motorists are alerted to the requirement to fit snow tyres or carry chains on-board by road signs placed along the highway stretches and by the entrance to toll booths affected by the orders.

Information is available on the stretches where snow tyres or chains must be fitted, those where heavy goods vehicles are forbidden to overtake and the guide with information and advice for safe driving in winter.


Telepass for trucks

The Telepass website has an area dedicated to heavy goods vehicles and the transport sector with information and assistance for payment of toll using Telepass, saving time and fuel, and access to a range of services for the management and control of transit. Telepass also offers a Telepass Premium Truckformula for truck drivers offering a series of services and exclusive facilitations for heavy goods vehicles.


Information channels to be consulted

  • Weather forecast
  • Traffic conditions and relative forecasts
  • Stretches with traffic restrictions

Other information channels:

  • CCISS viaggiare informati (Rai radio channels)
  • MY WAY – SKY TV NEWS UPDATES channels 500 and 501
  • Canale 5 TV
  • LA7 TV
  • RTL 102.5 radio
  • ISORADIO 103.3 radio
  • Call Center Autostrade per l'Italia 840-04-21-21