Safety / Paving and draining asphalt

Autostrade per l’Italia has always been engaged in developing technology and improving safety standards

Paving and draining asphalt

Infrastructure maintenance is essential for customer travel comfort and safety. Autostrade per l'Italia is thus constantly committed to ensuring operational efficiency and improving the safety standards of its complex and extensive network.

Road surface maintenance is essential for safety.

The Autostrade per l'Italia network recorded extremely high maintenance volumes between 2003 and 2008 in terms of the laying of new asphalt (square metres treated), as confirmed in the "Maintenance volumes" table.

The trend has however inverted since 2009, with a decrease in the number of intervention needed on account of the reduced number of defects found. A result achieved following the sharp increase in the number of surfaces treated in just six years.

This demanded a change in the maintenance strategy, which now primarily aims to maintain the high quality level achieved.