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RTL 102.5
RTL 102.5

Every day, 24 hours a day, RTL 102.5 – the biggest private Italian radio station with around 8 million listeners each day – broadcasts 28 live daily updates on traffic produced by the Autostrade per l'Italia Multimedia Centre.

Special updates are guaranteed in case of critical traffic events on the network throughout the day.

ISORADIO 103.3 Mhz

The RAI channel dedicated to traffic information gives constant updates: nine connections per day from Monday to Friday, two on Sunday, and special updates in the event of high-impact disruptions.

Call center
Traffic Call Centre

180 telephone lines available to keep up-to-date on our network's roads.

Number: 840 042121

Via radio
ViaRadio Digital

ViaRadio Digital is Autostrade per l'Italia and RTL 102.5's digital radio.

With 100 connections per day, it is exclusively dedicated to traffic and broadcasts news and forecasts in real time.


Self-service stations located in the Service Areas along the network which provide news on traffic, routes and tolls in real time.

Mega Screens

181 screens located in the Service Areas and Punto Blu (Blue Points) which display real time information on traffic, weather and the latest news.

Satellite Navigators
Satellite Navigators and Smartphones

Thanks to content produced by InfoBlu leading company in the infomobility sector, network traffic information is transmitted to main satellite navigators and smartphones which have the service enabled.

Variable Message Panels

Variable Message Panels situated along the Group's entire network allow customers to be constantly informed during their journey by messages relating to accidents, road works, queues and delays, travel times and weather events. 

In regular traffic conditions, they display information and advice on driving and safety.


An email address is available to send requests for information, suggestions and reports on the Company's services and products.


An email address is available to send any complaints about the Company.


It is also possible to follow Autostrade per l'Italia and receive information and news about services and company initiatives through its official Facebook page.

Damage Compensation Claim
Damage Compensation Claim

People who have suffered damage on the Autostrade per l'Italia motorway network and believe that the concessionaire is liable can send a damage compensation claim via registered mail or certified email to the following addresses:

Autostrade per l'Italia

ICM- Ufficio gestione Sinistri
via A. Bergamini, 50
00159 Roma

Telephone Contact Details

Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 13:00
Tue-Wed-Thu from 14:15 to 16:30


Autostrade per l'Italia and the Consumer Associations Adoc, Adiconsum, Adusbef, Codacons and FederConsumatori have agreed to create a conciliation procedure to resolve any kind of litigation between the motorway service's customers, represented by the Associations, and the companies Autostrade per l'Italia, Telepass, RAV, and Tangenziale di Napoli.

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MyWay, on air on Sky channels 100, 500 and 501 and DTTV channel 50, is the innovative service that provides real time news about traffic on the motorway and in large cities, but also about the entire Autostrade per l'Italia world: from safety investments to Telepass, to the quality of tourist services thanks to the experiences of the "You're in a Wonderful Country" initiative, to technology and service areas.

To contact the MyWay editorial team with questions or suggestions, the email address is available.

Traffic information is also available every morning on Canale 5 and La7. The bews is produced by the Autostrade per l'Italia multimedia centre