Aree di servizio / Hi point

Hi point

"Stopping-over", a high-quality experience

Free HI-POINTS available for you in the food courts of the Motorways Service Areas.

Autostrade per l'italia has created self-service information stations, called "HI-POINTS", at clients disposal to make each journey and stop safer and more comfortable.

HI-POINT is the contact point between Autostrade per l'italia and people travelling in the motorway service areas; it provides clients services and useful real-time information on the motorway network, by means of an easy to use, comfortable and free information station.

With HI-Points customers can:

  • Follow traffic news and real time news
  • Access the self-service weather forecast service
  • Discover the cheaspest fuel prices
  • Learn about the "Sei in un Paese Meraviglioso" project to discover the travelling experiences starting from the nearest toll-both
  • View "MY WAY", the first European broadcast about motorways, to follow real-time traffic news on motorways and big cities
  • Enjoy free unlimited Autostrade per l'italia Wi-fi access

Stop off, keep-up-to-date and recharge using HI-POINT station sockets for mobiles and laptops.

Download the list of Motorways Service Areas where free HI POINT SERVICE is available.