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Italian legislation

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

Noise Containment and Abatement Plans


The Noise Abatement Plan (NCAP) was drawn up with a view to defining and planning the necessary interventions for achieving the mitigation objectives as set out in the other sections; the Plan targets all residential and sensitive identified as "critical" in the relevant noise band.


In order to meet these objectives, the implementation of noise barriers, total coverings, baffles and direct intervention on buildings (soundproof doors and windows) is envisaged.

The dimensions of the noise abatement works listed in the Plan were arrived at following a preliminary study, which was exclusively intended to identify intervention priorities, to plan the works and define the Autostrade per l'Italia financial plan: detailed design are being developed in the course of the implementation phase, to be completed by 2022, which may determine solutions other than those set out in the current NCAP.

In order to facilitate dialogue with the public, Autostrade per l'Italia has implemented an innovative three-dimensional representation system of the results obtained from receptor census and classification, critical area identification and intervention planning activities.

The Plan in your Municipality section contains a downloadable file, which allows both the "Critical Areas" and "Noise Abatement Plan" scenarios to be viewed in 3D on Google Earth. It will therefore be possible to view and "navigate" through the areas in question in a virtual environment, in line with the provisions of the 2007 National Noise Abatement Plan.

In the Critical Areas scenario, different colours are used to represent intended use (residential, non-residential and sensitive) and any exceeding of the legal limits of the existing buildings in the Autostrade per l'Italia noise band. The Noise Abatement Plan scenarios also include noise mitigation interventions, both in the form of noise barriers or coverings and the use of soundproof fixtures, through which the noise abatement objective is met. Full data and detail are available in both paper and digital format at the offices of all the regions and municipalities concerned.