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Projects pursuant to the 2008 Single Convention

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Projects pursuant to the 2008 Single Convention

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

Projects pursuant to the 2008 Single Convention

As envisaged by the new 2008 Single Convention with ANAS, Autostrade per l'Italia has undertaken, among other things, to develop the preliminary design for expansion interventions on approximately 330 km of its network:  new third and fourth lanes, new junctions and upgrading works.

The above interventions were identified by the Convention on the basis of traffic forecasts and the need to guarantee suitable levels of service and capacity as at 2020. It is moreover envisaged for these interventions to be amended by ANAS over time - in line with updating of the analyses and infrastructure changes - and replaced with other interventions by virtue of a Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.

In the event of approval of the final design of the aforementioned interventions, entailing investment of approximately €5 billion, the execution thereof will be subject to specific agreement with the grantor, ANAS, which will be required to cover the economic and financial costs of the investment.

The following table shows the current study projects included within the scope of the new 2008 Single Convention. 


Intervention Length Km
Projects under approval 154,0
A14 4th lane Dir. per Ravenna - Bologna S.Lazzaro 34,50
A1 4th lane Milano Sud - Lodi 16,50
A11 3rd lane Firenze - Pistoia 26,80
A1 3rd lane Incisa - Valdarno 18,40
A13 3rd lane Padova Sud - Monselice 12,30
A13 3rd lane Ferrara - Bologna 32,50
A12 3rd lane Torrimpietra - S. Marinella: stretch Cerveteri - Torrimpietra 13,00
A1 Junction at Casalecchio -
Principal projects being studied 171,0
A1 4th lane Piacenza Sud - Modena  
A11 3rd lane Pistoia - Montecatini  
A1 4th lane S.Cesareo - Colleferro  
A1 4th lane Colleferro - Frosinone  
TOTAL 325,0

In addition, pursuant to the new Single Convention, Autostrade per l'Italia has allocated approximately €2 billion in respect of its existing investment commitments pursuant to the 1997 Convention with regard to specific network expansion interventions.  On the subject of investment, by virtue of the new Convention, Autostrade per l'Italia:

  • shall be exclusively liable for the additional costs arising in the course of investment in the large works pursuant to the 1997 Convention.
  • it is also assumes the risk arising from all the additional costs necessary to complete the investments pursuant to the IV Contract Addendum of 2004, starting with approval of the final design
  • it also undertakes to complete the National Noise Abatement Plan at a cost of approximately €700 million in addition to the existing provisions of the 1997 Convention.