Autostrade per l'Italia

A4 Milano Est - Bergamo

A4 Milano Est - Bergamo

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

A4milano Est - Bergamo
construction of lane 4 (34 Km)

A4 Milano Est - Bergamo

Work description

The work involved expanding the 33.6 km of A4 highway between Milano Est and Bergamo from three to four lanes, plus hard shoulder, to improve the traffic flow and safety of the stretch, which is used by an extremely high volume of traffic, with peak traffic of approximately 176,000 vehicles per day with approximately 50,000 lorries and buses.

As scheduled, the intervention was completed in just two years, thanks to the constant work of the subsidiaries Spea and Pavimental, and to collaboration with the Lombardy Region and local authorities.

Additional interventions were also undertaken, such as:

  • the transfer and upgrading of Trezzo junction, on which work was completed on 6 October 2006, and upgrading of 4 existing junctions;
  • 450 aqueduct, gas pipeline and power line relocation interventions;
  • the demolition and refurbishment of 39 flyovers, with work being carried out during days and times of reduced traffic;
  • expansion of the bridges over the River Adda and River Brembo;
  • construction of 2 new steel bridges over the Treviglio-Bergamo railway line, in collaboration with RFI;
  • installation of 29 km of noise barriers.

The work was extremely challenging on account of the small work sites available in this highly developed area and the need to guarantee motorists use of the same 3 lanes as before the commencement of works..

Local works

Autostrade per l'Italia has fully funded and has completed a series of local interventions, concerning:

  • the expansion of local roads;
  • the addition of roundabouts and cycle paths;

the construction of park and rides to integrate the highway with the external road network.