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A14 Bologna B.go Panigale - San Lazzaro

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A14 Bologna B.go Panigale - San Lazzaro

Autostrade per l’Italia and its subsidiaries are carrying out a major investment plan to develop and modernize the highway network.

A14Bologna B.go Panigale - Bologna San Lazzaro
Construction of lane 3 (14 Km)

A14 Bologna B.go Panigale - Bologna San Lazzaro

Work description

The intervention consisted of expanding the A14, between 8 km and 22 km: i.e. the stretch that runs parallel to the Tangenziale di Bologna.

After a lengthy discussion with the Local Authorities, Autostrade per l'Italia has thus drawn up a further solution that envisages a third dynamic lane (i.e. expansion of the hard shoulder and its use as a traffic lane at times of heavy traffic).

The project was approved at the Services Conference in May 2003.

Construction of the third dynamic lane was completed in December 2007. The lane was opened to traffic on completion of the technical tests, on 16 January 2008, six months ahead of schedule.

The third dynamic lane is managed by means of an integrated traffic control system, which informs motorists of traffic conditions and of the option of using the hard shoulder as a traffic lane, through variable message panels that are continuously updated.

Motorists were able to use the same 2 lanes as available prior to commencement of the works, throughout the intervention.

Local works

The project also envisages a series of local interventions, in part funded by Autostrade per l'Italia, including:

  • construction of the new "Bologna Fiera" highway junction, completed 4 months ahead of schedule on 6 December 2006;
  • changes to large part of the existing junction on the Tangenziale di Bologna, with the construction of new ramps and roundabouts to improve functionality and increase the free-flow of traffic;
  • installation of noise barriers on 9 km of highway in proximity of residential areas;
  • construction of the noise abatement tunnel in S. Donnino;
  • construction of the new Crespellano junction on the ordinary road;
  • planning and construction of the by-pass on the Bazzanese Provincial Road.