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Autostrade per l'Italia's contribution to sustainable growth

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Autostrade per l'Italia's contribution to sustainable growth

During 2021, Autostrade per l'Italia laid the foundations of its ESG strategy by defining ambitious objectives, launching initiatives that involved its main stakeholders and designing a new sustainability governance model. During the year, we reviewed  our core business processes challenging their sustainability profile and defining metrics and targets in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Autostrade per l’Italia  has engaged its entire organization to  fight climate and has taken a commitment to limiting global warming to a level no greater than 1.5° C by 2050. This Net Zero commitment, that  has been certified by SBTi during the year 2022,  represents a particularly challenging goal for a motorway infrastructure operator.

Our long-term ambition, is to become a world-class point of reference for the development of a future mobility model , through the construction and management of a sustainable infrastructure.  We will achieve this objective sharing them with our suppliers, ensuring state-of-the-art safety standards and developing innovative solutions and technologies to guide users throughout their travel experience. We will do this by progressively reducing our carbon footprint from the design phase through to the delivery of services to our customers.