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Autostrade per l’Italia is a European leader among concessionaire for the construction and management of toll highways.


Autostrade per l'Italia is a leader in Europe among concessionaires that manage and construct of toll highways with a network of around 3,020 km across Italy.


Established in the early 1950s, Autostrade per l'Italia and its Italian subsidiary concessionaires represent one of the most extensive European toll-paying highway networks. With 3,020 km of highways and over 200 Service Areas it serves 15 Italian regions and 60 provinces and moves Italy closer to Europe's socio-economic hub, ensuring effective connections across the country and an indispensable infrastructure network that links the main metropolitan areas to the rest of the country.

Autostrade per l'Italia is Italy's main private investor with an investment scheme of over 22,8 billion euros on more than 900 km of its network. A further 1,8 billion euros are planned for other development projects that are currently being studied or are under evaluation. 


The Company is committed to promoting and developing knowledge as a key player in terms of professional expertise in the field of management, infrastructure, materials and technology. This expertise and technological developments such the "Tutor" speed control system make it a global leader.

Autostrade per l'Italia's ownership structure is as follows:

  • Atlantia : 88.06%
  • Appia Investments Srl (a company directly and indirectly owned by the aforementioned consortium members and designated as buyer under the share purchase agreement executed by the consortium members) : 6.94%;
  • Silk Road Fund : 5% 


Autostrade per l'Italia's highway concessionaires include:

  • Autostrade per l'Italia (a network of 2,854.6 km )

  • Società Italiana per Azioni for the Mont Blanc Tunnel (5.8 km) operating the Italian stretch of the tunnel

  • Raccordo Autostradale Valle d'Aosta (32.4 km) a highway connecting Aosta to Mont Blanc

  • Tangenziale di Napoli (20.2 km) the ring road serving the metropolitan area of Naples

  • Autostrade Meridionali (51.6 km) which operates the Naples-Pompei-Salerno highway

  • Autostrada Tirrenica SpA (SAT), which holds the concession for the Livorno - Civitavecchia highway (total programmed extensione 242 km, of which 54,6 km already operating)


In addition to the companies that run the Italian highways, the following companies offer additional services to the core business:

  • Ad Moving, sells advertising space and services and manages service area events;

  • Essediesse Società di Servizi, runs administrative services, payroll, general services and property management pools for the whole Group, debt collection and toll billing;

  • Giove Clear, a facility company that provides cleaning services in outdoor areas, green areas and toilets) to about 70% of the Service Areas throughout the Group's network.

  • Autostrade Tech, operates in the Research and Development and in the integration of hardware and software systems with particular reference to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with specific expertise, in terms of management, know-how and development, of systems for toll collection, safety and road network management.