Values and Governance / Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee


Atlantia has voluntarily established a number of bodies implemented specifically to oversee the issues relating to sustainability. Among these bodies, placed both within Atlantia and within the individual Group companies, Atlantia's Sustainability Committee holds a central position as it defines the group strategies and ensures consistency with the aims pursued by the individual companies. This is also ensured by the composition of Atlantia's board of Managing Directors and that of the two main operative companies, ASPI and ADR, as well as the group's senior management lines.   


The Committee's work is regularly reviewed by the Board of Directors who approve, among other things, the sustainability objectives and the annual reporting document. The Committee examines and receives requests from other bodies established to ensure the adequate supervision of sustainability, such as the Technical Purchasing Coordination Committee and the Ethics Officer. Appropriate structures have also been set up in the individual Group companies working on sustainability issues, including in particular, the ADR Sustainability Committee, the Health and Safety and Motorway Environment Steering Committee for Italy and the Committee for Solidarity and Social Promotion projects.