Sustainability / Leadership message

Leadership message

Autostrade per l’Italia is a European leader among concessionaire for the construction and management of toll highways.


The management of large infrastructures for the road system requires ongoing efforts on several fronts involving the safety of the network, travellers and places of work, high standards of service quality, focus on the territory, protection of the environment and efficient use of resources.

In recent years, our Group has worked constantly in the field of road safety in the aim of reducing death and accident rates along our highways, also thanks to ongoing improvements of the network and initiatives and campaigns aimed at increasing user awareness and encouraging correct driver behaviour. 
Workplace safety has been involved in the implementation of increasingly higher standards and in the development of projects in cooperation with local authorities, trade associations and workers. The aim of protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere is pursued in all areas with initiatives aimed at safeguarding the territory, investments in the production of electricity and thanks to  theincreased energy efficiency of our systems.


We have dedicated expertise and resources to the continuous improvement of the service offered, with a strategy focused on the customer's needs and with interventions on the network that have produced a significant increase in traffic fluidity levels. 

We have been recognised as one of the leading internationally sustainable companies and, for us, this is a source of pride and an incentive to continue our endeavours along this path.

For the Group's staff, the results and aims of sustainable development coincide with those of everyday life in relation to the design, construction and management of infrastructures for mobility.
For us, being "sustainable" means first and foremost doing our job well, immediately establishing each activity with all the social and environmental coordinates that make it part of a major project for the territory.
This has always been our way of working in the present and looking to the future, which allows us year-on-year to establish ourselves as a major player in sustainable development.

Giovanni Castellucci
CEO Atlantia