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Funding of a social project

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Funding of a social project

Corporate philanthropy – Requisites and procedures for funding requests

Philanthropic grants awarded every year are defined together with the Solidarity and Social Promotion Projects Committee and selected on the basis of guidelines consistent with the indications contained in the Charter of Commitments.

The donations are in line with the Group's requirement and willingness to actively integrate with the territories in which it operates, producing value for the community, not only through the creation of infrastructures and services for the road system but also through the funding of social promotion projects.

Who are the recipients of the philanthropic grants?

Non-Profit Organisations defined as NPO of social value according to current legislation, with specific reference to Article 10 of Legislative Decree n. 460 of the 04/12/1997, may access the economic contribution.
The entities must meet criteria of reliability and experience measured in terms of:

  • Drafting of clear, detailed and regularly approved financial statements
  • Membership to nationally and/or internationally recognised bodies
  • Performance of a documented activity preferably for at least 3 years
  • Commitment to reporting the results and the costs incurred

Autostrade intends to focus its work within the scope of these macro-areas, placing the geographic field of action as a preferred criteria, requiring it to be connected to the national and international territory in which the company's infrastructures are present.