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Solidarity and social promotion

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Solidarity and social promotion

An activity conducted in accordance with the sustainability criteria is a driver of development and growth for those directly involved in its execution, but also for those involved indirectly.
Within the organisation, Autostrade per l'Italia promotes initiatives aimed at improving the well-being and work-life balance of all employees and their families.
Beyond the organisation, the Group provides its human, technical, economic, knowledge and skills resources to humanitarian and social development initiatives outside the group.

The results obtained by the programmes, as well as the definition of new fields of intervention, are discussed and verified at periodic meetings of the Solidarity and Social Promotion Projects Committee, whose participation involves business and trade union representation.

Within the organisation

To ensure that employees and their families have a better quality of life and to simplify the management of their daily tasks, the Group is committed to offering support services for their medical, legal and financial needs, for the promotion of cultural and recreational activities and for economic incentives helpful in family budgeting.

Outside the organisation

Autostrade per l'Italia sponsors, funds and promotes initiatives that ensure the sensitive and concrete development of the well-being of certain communities in Italy and throughout the world.

The Group's overall commitment to solidarity and social promotion is evident in:

  • assistance projects aimed at the families of employees in areas such as health (eye examinations, anti-smoking seminars, cardiology screening), legal, tax and social security (advice provided by professional networks, provided free to employees)
  • cultural and recreational activity proposals
  • projects aimed at children with educational purposes (summer holidays, study holidays and outdoor training)
  • funding granted to projects aimed at the development of local communities in Italy and abroad. To this end, the Committee for social promotion and sustainability projects assesses the number of funding requests that come in annually. The Committee, which is chaired by an external expert and composed of employees and representatives from the main trade unions, operates in accordance with the assessment principles and criteria made publicly available to ensure the transparency of all stages of the selection process.