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Service quality

Knowing that it occupies a leadership position in a sector that is vital to the country's social and economic life strengthens Autostrade per l'Italia's motivation to offer an increasing level of quality service. 
Reducing inefficiencies across the network, developing environmentally-friendly infrastructures, accommodating the needs of the community, using innovative materials and technologies, making the travel experience safer and satisfying from all points of view is the quality sought by the Group. 

The activity carried out by Autostrade per l'Italia meets the interests of a wide range of entities, each with specific requirements. Offering a high-quality service, therefore, means satisfying a broad spectrum of needs required by different stakeholders. 

Conceiving the quality standards of the service as the result of an action that must simultaneously achieve several objectives requires Autostrade per l'Italia to constantly monitor not only the functioning of the network but also the specific needs and potentials of the various stakeholders. Specific activities are constantly performed:

  • monitoring of perceived quality (Customer Satisfaction surveys);
  • definition of quality standards and their dissemination in the Service Charter (regarding issues such as the network enhancement plan, road safety and management of the road system, the toll and methods of payment, transport information, amenities for travellers in Service areas, the telepass, actions taken on environmental policy issues, complaints and refunds, Conciliation procedures);
  • monitoring of the quality delivered, through the Quality Report;
  • customer care system with two internal call centres: "Road system call centre" and "commercial call centre";
  • ongoing dialogue with consumer associations (Safety and Service Quality Committee);
  • discussions with institutions to identify and resolve critical issues across the network;
  • discussions with research and education institutions to enhance and develop knowledge and increase professional know-how which is characteristic of the Group.