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Diversity and equal opportunities

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Diversity and equal opportunities

Diversity and equal opportunities

Autostrade per l'Italia, which is attentive to the people who work within the Group, offers a structured corporate welfare model dedicated to its employees and their families. The main aim of this model is to give concrete support to employees to help them manage their professional life alongside their private one, and to guarantee equal opportunities for all women and men employed by the Group.

For this reason, the Group offers many contractual arrangements that support equal opportunities, which go above and beyond legislative requirements on:

  • Parenthood support
  • Baby and childcare
  • Promotion of health
  • Supportive leave
  • Gender-based violence


In particular, during the compulsory maternity leave period (5 months) – during which the employee receives a social security allowance of 80% of her salary – the Company guarantees a 20% contribution, so that the employee receives 100% of her salary. Similarly, during the parental leave period – when the mother or father has the right to take leave (6 months) – the employee receives a social security allowance of 30% of their salary. In the first two months, the Company guarantees a contribution of 50%, increasing the salary to 80%. In the 4 remaining months, 3 months are paid at 50% with a company contribution of 20% and the final month is still paid at 30% of the salary.





Obligatory maternity leave (five months)

Social security allowance at 80% of salary

Contribution to soc. sec. allowance to make up to 100% of salary

Parental leave (six months)

Social security allowance at 30% of salary

  • First two months: contribution to soc. sec. allowance to make up to 80% of salary
  • Next three months: contribution to soc. sec. allowance (plus 20%) to make up to 50% of salary


Autostrade per l'Italia supports families with a Company Day Care Centre built nearby the Main Offices in Rome and various agreements with day care centres near regional offices in order to reconcile colleagues' personal and professional needs in the first three years of their children's life.

In order to guarantee a good balance between its employees' work and personal lives, in the period following school closure Autostrade per l'Italia offers residential stays (2 weeks in Italy and abroad) and non-residential stays (2 weeks) for children between the ages of 8 and 18. Programmes consisting of various educational projects are specifically designed for each target age.



Employees are offered a series of company initiatives to support their health such as: anti-flu vaccinations in all company offices for employees and family members; medical prevention screening initiatives such as breast screenings offered to women directly in some company offices during days dedicated to prevention; awareness and educational workshops on clearing someone's airways (including children); workshops and initiatives dedicated to healthy eating and healthy eating habits.



The Company has introduced a time contribution structure amongst colleagues named "Supportive Leave". It allows employees with family members in difficulty who have used up their own contractual leave the possibility to use time given to them by other colleagues who, by taking part in the contribution campaign, give up their leave allowance to those who need it.



Conscious of the issue of gender-based violence, Autostrade per l'Italia allows women in protection programmes who need to take leave from work for reasons related to the programme, paid leave for a maximum period of 3 months.