Areas of Work / Safety



Achieving ever higher standards of road safety is Autostrade per l'Italia's primary objective, which it pursues with the help of all Group members. The success in the challenge of lowering the accident and mortality rates is one of the main indicators of our performance levels. The mortality rate on the Group's network has been reduced by 79% between 1999 and 2017 with over 300 lives per year.


The results achieved since the start of Autostrade per l'Italia's network management to reduce accident and mortality rates are not fortuitous, but rather the fruit of a global approach to the issue of safety. The action against risk factors affects all stakeholders and materialises both in technological and infrastructure innovations and in cultural and promotion initiatives.

  • The research and development activity, which has led to the widespread use of technologies such as draining asphalt, are essential for improving travel comfort and promoting compliance with driving regulations.
  • Launch of the dedicated television channel My Way
    • 30 links of 2 minutes, broadcast every day from 7.10 to 21.40, every 30 minutes
    • Over 20 live broadcasts per week on sky TG24
    • Extraordinary live broadcasts during the festive period, peak getaway times and particular critical issues related to traffic or weather events
  • The design and implementation of campaigns and projects aimed at promoting safe driving practices and the prevention of risks related to the mental-physical state of travellers
  • The constant monitoring and assessment of service levels across the network, often involving local institutions and customers, as in the Safety and Service Quality Committee
  • Interventions aimed at improving service quality and enhancing the motorway infrastructure (third and fourth lanes, improvement of rest areas, children's play areas)
  • The installation, on 2.500 km of highway network, of the Tutor speed control system, over 2.000 interventions carried out in points where accidents are above average rates, draining asphalt laid on 100% of the network, excluding areas where it is not indicated (mountain routes, areas where works are being carried out);.
  • Participation in television and radio broadcasts, conferences, exhibitions and ad hoc events with the aim of promoting the culture of road safety among the general public