Areas of Work / Human Resources

Human Resources


Autostrade per l'Italia intends to find the maximum coherency between the company strategies and the individual expectations of workers, in the knowledge that only by growing in all areas can a company grow overall.

Professional development and enhancement of workers' skills are favoured within the Group, by the adoption of projects and initiatives harmonised in a systematic framework extending over several years.

Workers take part in training activities for the development and enhancement of their knowledge and skills, aimed at:

  • increasing specialist know-how and professional skills to accomplish performance targets and giving individuals responsibility over their professional development;
  • preparing systems and tools for identifying and training the resources most suited to supporting new business challenges

One of Autostrade per l'Italia's main objectives is the protection of health and safety in worksites and office environments. This takes form in the adoption of actions for prevention, in the implementation of certified and ad-hoc management systems and thanks to the constant improvement of company procedures.

Autostrade per l'Italia infact constantly aims at focusing on workforce behavior and practices, at encouraging the use of protective equipment and highlighting the importance of doing this, at continually checking that rules are respected to ensure work activities are carried out in safety and at identifying possible actions to improve routine behavior patterns at work.