La Quercia - Barberino stretch

The layout of this stretch, the first project of which dates back to 1985, was definitively approved by the Council of Ministers in August 2001.

The Services Conference which imposed more than 1,000 prescriptions, came to an end in November 2001 and resulted in the need for additional approvals.

Having obtained the relevant approvals over the course of four subsequent Services Conferences, and awarded the contracts, the first roadworks were opened in March 2004.

In the 18-km or so stretch between La Quercia and Badia, work consists of constructing a new 2-lane highway plus hard shoulder at a lower level than the existing highway, and of a tunnel that is approximately 2.5 km long. Autostrade per l'Italia will use an EPB tunnel boring machine for this, so as to comply with the timeframes for the work and at the same time ensure greater safety for workers and reduced environmental impact. Construction of a new toll booth and slip road connecting the A1 highway and the Variante di Valico are also scheduled for the Badia Nuova area. 
The works in this stretch have been contracted out and are currently underway. 

Autostrade per l'Italia aims to open the fully extended final 22-km stretch between Badia and Barberino, on which work is currently underway, to traffic by 2013The main area of intervention in the 16-km stretch between Badia and Aglio focuses on the base tunnel, which is seen as the symbol of Variante di Valico. The base tunnel comprises two, approximately 9-km long, adjacent tunnels for northbound and southbound traffic, each with 2 lanes and a hard shoulder of similar width as the traffic lane. The tunnels connect the Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany regions, and the new Poggiolino junction is to be constructed south of the tunnels. 

A new three-lane carriageway is due to be constructed upstream of the base tunnel, in the remaining 6-km stretch between Aglio and Barberino. It will be a single way southbound carriageway, while the entire existing, 4-lane highway will be used for northbound traffic
Work status Opening to traffic
prova5 Work in progress

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