The project

The Apennine section of the A1, between Bologna Casalecchio and Barberino, is of strategic importance in that it links northern and southern Italy, and also plays a major role in the movement of people and goods between Europe and the Mediterranean. The expansion of this stretch, with peak traffic of 89,000 vehicles per day, with approximately 25,000 lorries and buses, is therefore a priority within the scope of the Autostrade per l'Italia network expansion plan.

Work was carried out in three macro-stretches, as described below:

Bologna Casalecchio - Sasso Marconi

Expansion, from two to three lanes, of the Casaleccho - Sasso Marconi stretch (4.1 km upstream of the Variante di Valico) was completed in December 2009, approximately 3 years after commencement of the works.

Sasso Marconi - La Quercia

The operation, which was commenced in 2002, was completed in June 2007 with the opening of the entire stretch to traffic. The works consisted of expanding the existing highway to 3 lanes for approximately 20 km, with a number of changes to the by-pass layout, and refurbishing of the Sasso Marconi junction.

La Quercia - Barberino

The interventions affected approximately 43 km, as follows:
  • Construction (37 km) of a new highway (By-pass) between La Quercia and Aglio, in addition to the existing highway. Motorists are thus able to decide whether to take the new highway or the existing one;

  • Construction of a new 3-lane highway stretch for southbound traffic on the Aglio - Barberino stretch. The existing 4-lane highway, will be reserved for northbound traffic.

  • Construction of 2 new junctions (Badia and Poggiolino) and refurbishment of the Barberino junction, on which work was completed in May 2007, and of the Rioveggio junction.