Safety / Toll technologies

Toll technologies

Autostrade per l’Italia has always been engaged in developing technology and improving safety standards

Toll technologies

The company is market leader in the development and optimisation of electronic toll collection (ETC) solutions: from traditional toll booths to those with automatic toll collection systems with magnetic readers and proximity cards (RFID), from non-stop toll stations with DSRC technology (Telepass in Italy) to the implementation of multi-lane, free-flow systems with DSRC, GNSS and/or video toll technology.


The first multi-lane, free-flow national tolling system was introduced on 2,000 km of Austrian highways in 2004.  A satellite tolling system was implemented to provide a toll collection system for heavy vehicles on over 15,000 km of national roads, as part of the Eco-Taxe project, which saw Autostrade per l'Italia in 2011 take first place.


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