Autostrade per l’Italia has always been engaged in developing technology and improving safety standards

What is Tutor

Autostrade per l'Italia launched project development in 2004 based on an idea backed by the Italian Traffic Police and consumer associations.

The Italian Traffic Police and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport contributed to defining the operating specifications of the system which, following a trial phase, underwent the ministerial approval process, wit approval in December 2004.

The Tutor is the first instrument in Italy that is compliant with the new standards that allow automated fines to be issued for speed limit infringements with the need for the physical presence of a police officer.

The Tutor is an innovative system that allows the average speed of vehicles to be detected.

The system was developed by Autostrade per l'Italia and is managed by the Italian Traffic Police, which is the only party entitled by law to use the system for detecting and issuing fines for confirmed infringements.
Within the meaning of Art. 208 of legislative decree no. 285/1992, fines are issued and collected by the State and do not, in any way shape or form, benefit Autostrade per l'Italia.

Project strengths

Innovativ: its main function being detection of the average speed on a highway stretch, a function that is entirely novel in Italy and one of the earliest applications in Europe and around the world.

Effective: unlike traditional systems, the Tutor allows excess speed as habitual driving behaviour to be detected and is, moreover, able to operate under any weather condition and lighting conditions (at night, in the rain, in fog with visibility of up to 30/40 meters).

Fully automatic: since it identifies the vehicle class according to the various speed limits as set out by the Code and, once the violation has been identified and confirmed by a police officer, it searches the archives of the Italian department of transport to trace the owner, fills out and and prints out the report pending original signature and, at the same time, electronically forwards the data to Poste Italiane's processing and printing centre for service on the offender.


The installation of sensors and portals with cameras, allow the Tutor to detect the average speed along highway stretches ranging between 10 and 25 km in length.

The average speed is calculated on the basis of travel time: the system monitors all traffic and records the time when it passes under the portals at the start and at the end of the monitored stretch. The data of vehicles with average speed not in excess of the permitted is automatically deleted.

Tutor operation is entirely independent of the absence or presence of an on-board Telepass device.
Any beep emitted by the Telepass device when passing under the portals on which the Tutor is installed is due to the presence, on the same portal, of the travel time detection system based on Telepass transits and indicates that the batteries of the device are almost depleted.

Stretches on which the Tutor is installed

The Tutor system was installed along those routes with above average mortality rates. Tutor speed control is currently in operation on more than 2,500 km of lanes (approx. 40% of the Autostrade per l'Italia Group network) and has allowed recording of a significant reduction in the average speed (-15%) and peak speed (-25%) in its first 12 months of operation, thus also resulting in a marked decrease in the number of accidents and in the consequences to persons:

  • Mortality rate: -51%
  • Accident rate, with injuries: -27%
  • Accident rate: -19%

Special warning signs have been installed on all highway stretches with the Tutor system.
In collaboration with the Italian Traffic Police, we are gradually installing the Tutor system along those routes with higher than average mortality rates.

Privacy policy

Autostrade per l'Italia and the consumer associations have done their utmost to ensure motorist privacy. The license plates of vehicles that comply with the speed limits are immediately deleted and, moreover, vehicles cannot be tracked through the Tutor for purposes other than speed calculation.