Safety / Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers

Autostrade per l’Italia has always been engaged in developing technology and improving safety standards

Safety Barriers


In 2006, despite the current legislation not requiring operators to upgrade existing safety barriers, Autostrade per l'Italia began a programme to upgrade about 900 km of first generation traffic divider barriers (double wave metal), then in operation on some sections, to complete the upgrade of the network by installing modern barriers, validated through crash tests, approved or CE marked according to current national and European legislation.

This programme is currently in the final stages of completion with the final section on the A23 (60-119 km).

Furthermore, in 2010, Autostrade per l'Italia launched a programme for side edge barriers on sections equipped with original equipment double wave barriers, designed with traditional methods and not checked with full-scale impact tests.

Research and Development

Autostrade per l'Italia is continually committed to ensuring maximum safety for customers. To achieve this goal, Autostrade per l'Italia continually invests in the development and certification of new devices, safety barriers or impact absorbers, approved or CE marked according to national and European legislation.

Investments in research have led to Autostrade per l'Italia designing and certifying innovative devices, with built-in safety and noise reduction features ("integautos"), for use at points where the space available does not permit separate installations.