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Autostrade per l'Italia è leader del settore in Europa

Autostrade per l'Italia si posiziona ai primi posti in Europa tra i concessionari di costruzione e gestione di autostrade a pedaggio e dei connessi servizi alla mobilità. In Italia circa 5 milioni di viaggiatori transitano ogni giorno sulla rete di Autostrade per l'Italia e delle Società Controllate, che si estende per 3.095 Km

Safety initiatives


Safety is a priority commitment for Autostrade per l'Italia, though we are well aware that we have direct influence over only one of the factors that affect road safety: the infrastructure. Other factors, such as driver behaviour and vehicle conditions, are completely beyond our control. The driver, the vehicle and the environment all have an effect on road safety, which is infact the result of balancing several variables.


It is increasingly necessary to promote road education initiatives and actions to raise awareness among drivers. Some dangerous driving is often due to common misconceptions that Autostrade per l'Italia has decided to explain, measure and refute, in an effort to change behaviour.