Identifying and monitoring risks


The Group's organisation is strongly oriented to ensure the adequacy of the internal control system and prevent all forms of operational, financial or other risks.
The corporate risk identification, measuring and monitoring process is governed by a special internal procedure that describes the intervention implementation and management method.
 The Risk Management Unit, which reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, monitors this process for the corporate Business Risk Model risk categories:

Compliance risk
risk of incurring penalties, disqualification or administrative action, as a result of violations of laws or regulations (with particular attention to the following regulations: privacy ex Legislative Decree 196/03, environment pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/06, procurement code pursuant to Legislative Decree 163/06 and corporate liability pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01);

Regulatory risk
risk of incurring penalties arising from non-fulfilment in the management of relations with the grantor ANAS, governed by the new Convention entered into in October 2008;

Operational risk
risks that the organisational structure, processes, procedures and controls of the company have not been defined and/or will not work in such a way as to allow corporate objectives to be achieved.

The COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework, regarded the main reference model at international level, has been adopted for this purpose.

From planning through to construction, managing and use, the potential risks and repercussions to society and the environment are considered at each moment of the entire life cycle of infrastructure works, with a focus on maximising positive effects and neutralising negative ones, whilst constantly measuring how the landscape is changing.

From a worker safety point of view, the initiatives in place have the main aim of improving operators' skills in the fields of risk prevention and managing dangerous situations. This applies to Aspi employees and contracted company workers.