Dialogue with the Institutions and the Community


Autostrade per l'Italia's ultimate goal is to create system for safer, accessible and eco-compatible mobility.
Working alongside local and national communities and authorities is a key element to meeting this goal.

When preparing development plans, and planning works on the highway network, Autostrade per l'Italia constantly liaises with parliamentary bodies, sector authorities and ministerial departments as well as regional and local administrations both in Italy and internationally.

Autostrade per l'italia develops and maintains an open dialogue and constant and transparent cooperation with these entities, on the plans relevant to them, ranging from aspects of a technical and regulatory nature to launching initiatives, such as Agreements for reaching certain objectives, or communicating information to local communities.

Alongside the dialogue with the authorities and regulatory monitoring, Autostrade per l'Italia maintains direct contact with local areas and pays careful attention to requests from the community.

The company's work has a positive effect on the community; this mainly comes as an indirect result of "sustainable" management of the highway network.
Autostrade per l’Italia's commitment to the community is evident in the specific actions and initiatives aimed at the community. These include humanitarian, scientific, cultural, sports and social initiatives either managed alone or working with other national and international groups and organisations.