Monitoring in the three phases: construction, management and operations


Safety of workers and motorists, network efficiency, development in line with the needs of the community and respect for the environment: Autostrade per l'Italia success is linked to achieving these objectives.

From the very planning of road network interventions, Autostrade per l'Italia leaves nothing to chance. The company is engaged in the daily discussion and approval of both the interventions to be implemented and the action to be taken.

The environmental impacts of network interventions are monitored before, after and during the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure, which has also been extended to the contractors performing the work.

The workers – including those from contractor companies – are given training courses on the correct procedure to follow to minimise the risk of accidents.

During works, Autostrade per l’Italia constantly monitors the flow and safety of traffic on the network, uses surveys to gather data on the quality as perceived by customers and is quick to introduce innovations which constantly improve the quality of the service offered.