Reduced consumption and energy efficiency

Continuation of the LED lamp installation programme in the field of outdoor network lighting (to replace traditional high pressure sodium lamps) for the permanent lighting of highway tunnels. The programme entails both the replacement of existing systems and the implementation of newly developed ones. 2012 also saw tunnel lighting control interventions and Service Area lighting compliance interventions, which entailed:

  • replacing the systems installed on the lighting towers (existing 1,000 W high pressure sodium floodlights replaced with 600W high pressure sodium floodlights)
  • reducing the luminous flux of the systems, bringing lighting levels in line with applicable regulatory requirements.

Other energy efficiency interventions (such as: replacing ambient light sensors with twilight switches, replacing refrigeration units and heat pumps, installing sanitary hot water systems with thermal solar panels, decommissioning diesel-powered thermal power stations, adapting the management system of of toll collection booth air treatment equipment, optimising the power supply of variable message panels, etc.) have allowed an overall saving of 1853 MWh, with 151 thousand litres of diesel and 1384 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved.