Institutional relations play a central role in the Autostrade per l’Italia stakeholder engagement process. In performing the various activities, the company has constant contact with Italian and international parliamentary bodies, sector authorities ministerial departments as well as regional and local administrations.

The company is transparent in its activities, respects regulations, ensures industrial plans fit with local community needs and promotes of social recovery. are the objectives that Autostrade per l'Italia has set itself, while engaging in continuous dialogue with the company and institutions primarily through:

  • 1

    collaboration with local institutions

    for Cantieri aperti projects.

  • 2

    implementation of communication campaigns and projects

    for the dissemination of occupational safety (Sbagliando s’impara, tecnical panels) and road safety (monitoring of Italian highway code revision)information.

  • 3

    attendance of infrastructure sector conferences

    and of the conferences of all the major Italian and international trade associations, in order to bring its skills to the public debate (even as regards the fairness of contracts and the allocation of work).

  • 4

    project financing

    n Italy and abroad, aimed at social recovery and the development of knowledge as a means of promoting personal and social growth (Co2 no grazie, Comunicando, Questa non me la fumo, etc.)