Stakeholder dialogue is key to Autostrade per l'Italia sustainability policies.
Transpose requirements, communicate one's actions in a transparent and rigorous manner and build relationships based on trust, agreement and stability.


Conscious of its impact at social and environmental level, Autostrade per l'Italia is engaged in constant dialogue with regional institutions.

  • Public contracts

    Autostrade per l'Italia organised a public AVCP (l'Autorità di Vigilanza sui Contratti Pubblica) consultation as regards the applicable legislation on the execution of concession contracts for public works.

    Once again in the context of establishing the regulations for public contracts, the Group took part in a series of technical panels at the offices of at the Ministry of Infrastructure, ANCE (Associazione Nazionale costruttori Edili) and AVCP.

  • Infrastructure

    Autostrade per l'Italia is fully aware of the critical nature of its role as leading infrastructure sector player, and of the impact generated in the reference context.

    In overseeing such important matters, the Group takes part in conferences and in various national and international institutional discussions.

  • Conferences

    In 2011 Autostrade Italia took part in the following activities:

    • Technical infrastructure development promoted by the Ministry of Transport Infrastructures and coordinated by the Astrid, Italiadecide and ResPublica Foundations.
    • Technical panel for the in-depth analysis of the Procurement Code and the implementing Regulation issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
    • Online European Commission consultations on Green Paper on Procurement, Concessions Directive.
  • Institutional discussion meetings

    Participation in national and international discussion meetings (including: IBAC Rome 2010, Seminar Italiadecide, Premium Pimby, collaboration with the Istituto Bruno Leoni and collaboration with CCE on infrastructure development in the Mediterranean area).


Autostrade per l'Italia strives to disseminate eco-sustainable behaviour, promoting information and discussion as regards the Environment and region theme.

  • Observatories

    229 environmental surveys (approximately 73,500 from 2002 to date); 31 critical issue reports down 24% from 2009.

  • Press Conferences
    • "Cantieri Aperti" Six conferences alongside the various regional institutions involved in the expansion plan (in the Latium, Le Marche, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany regions).
    • "Summer 2010", for information on traffic forecasts, motorist safety and assistance initiatives for the summer holiday traffic.
    • Conferences on the "Prezzo Amico" and "Prevention Corner" initiatives.


Autostrade per l'Italia commitment to development and innovation is reflected in initiatives that promote scientific research, develop skills, generate collaborations between institutions and firms and identify high potential resources.

Under the "Autostrade per la conoscenza" framework, the company collaborates, through established partnerships, with Italy's main universities (Polytechnics of Turin, Milan and Bari; the faculty of engineering of the University of Bologna, Florence, La Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Naples Federico II; Bocconi and Luiss Guido Carli in the economic and managerial area). The forms of collaboration range from postgraduate scholarships to sponsorship of masters courses and the development of centres of excellence to strengthen the collaborative relationships.

  • Ongoing collaborations and research projects

    Creation of ongoing collaborations with leading universities and Business Schools in Italy and Europe, with a view to enhancing and increasing the the professional know-how that sets Autostrade per l'Italia apart. Research projects were launched in the the following areas of interest: Mobility Technologies, Work of Art Maintenance, Tunnelling and Road Surfaces.

  • Postgraduate courses

    Sponsorship of specialist post-graduate courses with the selection of higher education corporate business paths and pre-graduate collaborations with a view to co-developing courses