Occupational safety, ongoing training and developement of social welfare are the three principles at the basis of Autostrade per l'Italia development plans.

The corporate strategies in he Group organisational model develop employee skillsand respect individual expectations.

In the knowledge that human resources hold much of its growth potential, Autostrade per l'Italia is actively engaged in:

  • 1

    the occupational health and safety field

    by carrying out employee health assessment surveys (work-related stress risk assessment), participating in projects aimed at raising awareness of near misses (Sbagliando si impara), voluntarily adopting the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) system and implementing a system for rewarding good employee behaviour as relates to road work safety

  • 2

    the development of individual skillse

    by promoting increased levels of competency and personal motivation through training projects at all levels, implementation of an incentive system and participation, in collaboration with universities and research centres, in programmes designed for young people and graduates;

  • 3

    providing incentives for the social welfare of its employees

    by providing a number of benefits, ranging from health insurance and social security services to commuting support services, and by launching projects and initiatives for employees and the families (vaccinations, legal advice, holiday gifts and various types of promotions and discounts).