Safety and service quality

  • Service Safety and Service Quality Conference

    In concert with Adiconsum, Adoc, Adusbef, Codacons and Federconsumatori, we are engaged in communicating the initiatives undertaken that aim to optimise the service quality and safety.
    Among the most important initiatives:

    • The "I 12 mesi della Sicurezza Stradale" information campaign.
    • The "Prevention Corner" project.
    • The car pooling project.
    • The "Prezzo Amico" campaign.
    • The creation of children's play areas in outdoor service area spaces.
    • The investment plan for the expansion and upgrading of the service areas.
    • Improvement of road work signage in addition to the provisions of the Italian Highway Code.
    • Continuation of the "Caffè Gratis" campaign.
    • The monitoring of Front Office Support sales and assistance processes in Punti blu.
    • The conciliation procedure.
    • Fuel price signs.
    • Monitoring of fuel prices.
    • Highway Qualitative Level (HQL).

Customer service quality

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    A series of telephone interviews were carried out on a sample of 3,602 customers, including occasional travellers, business travellers, commuters and lorry drivers.

  • Services Charter

    The Service Charter was drawn up as provided by Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and by ANAS Operating Instructions.
    The document contains detailed information on the activities Autostrade per l'Italia performs for its customers.
    In particular, topics included:

    • The highway network expansion plan.
    • Road safety interventions.
    • The Tutor extension plan.
    • The service area upgrading plan.
    • Environmental policy intervention.
    • Complaints and refund procedure.
    • The conciliation procedure.
  • The traffic call centre

    The Call centre received more than 400 thousand calls with an overall response rate in excess of 99.78%.
    Service quality was also monitored through anonymous questionnaires.

  • Commercial Call centre

    The call centre received over 1.4 million calls, with an overall response rate in excess of 97.8%.

  • Conciliation procedure

    Customers can access the conciliation process to easily and quickly resolve certain types of disputes completely free of charge. Disputes such as accidents caused by potholes in the road, running over animals, crashing into the Telepass barrier and incorrect toll charge collected. Requests for conciliation are reviewed by a Conciliation Commission comprising an Autostrade per l'Italia "conciliator" and by a "conciliator" from a Consumer Association chosen by the customer. Approximately 90% of cthe conciliation cases received to date, were at least partially upheld.