Autostrade per l'Italia operates on the highway network by virtue of a concession contract,La Convenzione, entered into with ANAS in 1997, renewed in 2007 and in force until 2038. Among other indications, the document sets out which criteria the Group must adopt in providing the service, the methods by which the toll is adjusted, the improvement interventions that the company must implement and the completion timeframe. Autostrade per l'Italia's deep commitment to the parameters envisaged by the Convention is attested by the trasparency with which the Group presents its operations for ANAS audit.

Discussion with ANAS takes place on a regular, ongoing basis, and involves:

  • 1

    periodic meetings

    to check and monitor fulfilment of the main topics of the Convention (investments, maintenance, holiday traffic, etc.).

  • 2

    the implementation of a monitoring programme

    on the quality of the service provided, consisting of cross-checks along the network (18 reference parameters were established).

  • 3

    the annual publication of the Service Charter

    which transposes the operating instructions provided by ANAS and sets out service quality standards.