Objectives and action taken



Autostrade per l'Italia is committed to meeting the general service improvement and highway infrastructure expansion objectives, pursuant to the Convention.


Autostrade per l'Italia is currently bringing the highway network into line with current mobility needs of current, through a major investment plan.

These interventions will help to improve the flow of traffic and the accessibility and safety of the highway network.

As at 30 April 2012, more than 309 km of network has already been expanded and opened to traffic: 281 km of which on the Autostrade per l'Italia network and 28.0 km of which on the subsidiaries' network.

With the 2008 Single Convention, Autostrade per l'Italia also undertook to implement its commitments in terms of the planning of expansion interventions on approximately 330 km of its network (with an investment of €7 billion), the construction of new third and fourth lanes, new junctions and modernisation works.


The plan envisages a series of service area upgrading works throughout the network.
Expansion and widening interventions were completed in 90% of the 216 service areas.

  • Restructuring measures

    More specifically, the investments relate to the restructuring of areas so as to ensure larger service areas with more functional retail premises.

  • Addition of new services

    The commitment relates to increasing the retail offer, introducing new restaurant spaces, retail spaces and dedicated spaces (for children, lorry drivers, camper vans, etc.) and innovative services such as wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi).

  • Quality control

    As provided in the ANAS Convention, Autostrade per l'Italia contracts out the services provided in the Areas to specialist operators under sub-concession agreements.
    Since it is ultimately responsible for the service provided, the company has implemented a quality control plan that envisages approximately 26,000 external audits per year.